Pilarcitos High School


Our mission is to support the education of students through all stages of adult life, to facilitate transition to college, to enhance workplace success, and encourage students to contribute to the community.


La Costa Adult School’s vision is to empower its students with the communications skills they need to further their academic education, meet their employment goals and become fully engaged members of our community.


La Costa Adult School serves residents from Montara to Año Nuevo with two instructional locations: Half Moon Bay and Pescadero. In Half Moon Bay, classes are being held at the new Pilarcitos Alternative High School. In Pescadero, classes are offered at Puente de la Costa Sur.

Funding from the state of California supports La Costa’s efforts to provide programs for:

  • immigrants: citizenship, English as a second language and workforce preparation
  • career technical education that is short term in nature and has high employment potential
  • pre-apprenticeship training
  • adults, including older adults, who want to develop knowledge and skills to assist elementary and secondary school children to succeed academically
  • those needing elementary and secondary skills themselves, including programs leading to high school diploma or equivalency certification
  • adults, including older adults, who want to enter or re-enter the workforce
  • adults with disabilities

Although State funding can not be used to support community classes such as music, exercise, or foreign language, La Costa realizes the value of these classes and plans to offer limited fee-based community classes.